Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Volunteer Opportunity!

OSP is looking for volunteers to help in the development of our “Grow. Teach. Feed Handbook: An Institutions Guide to Sustainable Food Service!”

As you know, OSP is now in Phase II of our effort to foster healthier, environmentally and nutrition conscious kids and combat childhood obesity. We seek to provide information on food, health, the environment and the relationship between all three, so that children, in addition to having healthier meals, can make more informed and wiser choices in the future.

Our initial step is the development of our “Grow. Teach. Feed Handbook: An Institutions Guide to Sustainable Food Service.” The culmination of five years of work by organic visionary and author Greg Christian, the book seeks to provide school and kitchen staff, as well as teachers and parents, with the resources to Grow, Teach and Feed every child.

The first section, FEED, is a comprehensive training manual for schools to develop a healthful and natural–based, sustainable school foodservice that provides kids with healthier meals. The second section, TEACH, supplements these meals with lessons on nutrition and environmental stewardship to help kids make healthier choices. Finally, the GROW section teaches school staff how to connect kids to the earth and their food source by converting a portion of their school ground into an organic garden that serves as an interactive classroom.

Volunteer your time and gain kitchen and food photography experience with our talented Chef Jerry!

Throughout the month of October, Chef Jerry will be in the kitchen testing and perfecting our “kid proven” recipes that will be included in the "Feed" section of our handbook. During this time, OSP will also be photographing finished products to be used as visual inspiration in our book.

Working closely with our talented Chef , food photographer and founder, Greg Christian, OSP is looking for volunteers who would be willing assist in the preparation and testing of the recipes and the concurrent photo shoots.

By volunteering your time, you will get valuable experience while assisting a socially conscious organization help improve the quality of food served to our nation’s school children.

For more information, or to volunteer, send us an email at info@organicschoolproject.org


alex trumpe said...

Such an awesome blog! :-) I love it! Come check out my blog. If you like it, I would super appreciate it with all of my heart if you (and anyone else that drops by) would become a follower.




OSP said...

Thank you for your support and encouragement Alex. Please continue to provide useful feedback and let us know if there are particular topics you would like to hear more about.