Friday, December 17, 2010

Volunteer Opportunity

OSP is working on the final push to complete our publication, Grow Teach Feed: A Complete Curriculum to Inspire Healthy Lifestyles in Schools and we need your help!

OSP is looking for volunteers as we seek to provide a comprehensive resource for foodservice providers, educational policymakers, kitchen staff, teachers and parents, to ensure the needs of our children are being met, both in the lunchroom and the classroom.

The Grow Teach Feed Collection, a culmination of five years of work by organic visionary and author Greg Christian, seeks to provide school and kitchen staff, as well as teachers and parents, with the resources to Grow, Teach and Feed every child.

The first volume, Grow, teaches school staff how to connect kids to the earth and their food source by converting a portion of their school ground into an organic garden that serves as an interactive classroom. The second volume, Feed, is a comprehensive training manual for schools to develop a healthful and natural–based, sustainable school foodservice that provides kids with healthier meals. Finally, Teach, the third volume, supplements these meals with lessons on nutrition and environmental stewardship to help kids make healthier choices. Read a more comprehensive description here.

Give back during this generous season and volunteer your time, gaining valuable experience while assisting a socially conscious organization help improve the quality of food served to our nation’s school children.

Throughout the month of January, OSP staff will be taking the great, kid proven recipes created by Chef Jerry, and verifying their compliance with dietary guidelines via menu planning software used by many school cafeterias. This opportunity asks for help with data entry and training in menu planning software.

Come work closely with our Grow Teach Feed Collection team and learn how school cafeterias ensure nutritional standards are being met while keeping the price affordable!

For more information, or to volunteer, send us an email at

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