Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Close Your Eyes, Imagine…Food!

How many times have you said OK, this time I’m going to eat more fruits and vegetables, but by the second week that memo slowly disappears?
Well now, researchers are suggesting if we develop a concrete plan and actually envision ourselves carrying out that plan, for example imagining ourselves going to the store, buying, and eating fruits, then it may help us follow through.

Barbel Knauper, an associate professor of psychology as McGill University in Montreal did a study on 177 students. She asked them to set their goals at eating more fruit a week. So some developed concrete plans, wrote them down, and envisioned themselves carrying out their plans. Of course, all the students ate more fruit during that time period, but the ones that visualized themselves carrying out their plans consumed twice as much fruit.

This is interesting because we all want to include more fruits and vegetables in our diets, but with massive workloads and hectic schedules, we first pick up some other alternatives than fruit, especially on the go. To combat this, maybe right before you get out of bed, or while you’re waiting for the train, or whenever you have a spare minute, imagine yourself getting to those fruits and veggies and eating them. Telling kids to do this might be just as useful too.

It’s all in your head.

Read the article from US News here.

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