Monday, May 2, 2011

OSP Webinars!

"Healthy Recipes Made Easy"

OSP will be doing webinars starting next week. It's a
free webinar series featuring easy healthy recipes for children.
For School Foodservice Directors, Managers & Registered Dietitians who are inspired to introduce children to healthier recipes during the school day.
Webinar supports why healthy cooking is needed in schools and presents 3 different recipes during each part of the webinar series that are easy to prepare and use healthy and fresh ingredients.

You must register in advance for the "Healthy Recipes Made Easy" Webinar. There is no charge for this event.
Click here to reserve your place.

Dates and times:

May 10th or May 12th at 2pm or 4pm CST

Lunch 1
May 17th or May 19th at 2pm or 4pm CST

Lunch 2
May 24th or May 26th at 2pm or 4pm CST

Side Items
May 31st or June 2nd at 2pm or 4pm CST


Anonymous said...

Great idea. I will pass this around. Thanks!

OSP said...

Thank you!