Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just "Try It"

In addition to the City Schools of Decatur achieving AYP two years in a row, Renfroe and Decatur High now have healthier lunch options which includes a salad bar, a sandwich station, and more under the “Fast ‘n Fresh” section in the cafeteria. The new options will replace the old a la carte items such as fries and nachos, which will only be offered on Fridays.

The Farm to School program started the new school year off with providing fresh, locally grown watermelon to all CSD schools. There will be “Try It” signs to indicate what is being offered by the program. Also school menus will incorporate more foods made from scratch, as well as vegetarian choices.

Jennifer Weissman, part of the Farm to School program, said students and faculty are enjoying the newly offered options and liking how they can make their own salads and sandwiches. It’s nice to see cafeterias adding nutrition to their priority list alongside academics.

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