Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More kids using a personal trainer

A recent Chicago Tribune Article from July 31, 2010, highlights a new trend… more parents signing their kids up for personal trainers. According to the article, parents are feeling desperate to get their kids active because of the high risk of childhood obesity. These sessions do not come cheap though. A gym mentioned in the article works with members from the ages 6 and up and charges $75 dollars an hour during a training session. Other gyms have clients as young as three.

Parents are right to be concerned about the current and future health of their kids and starting young is advantageous. It is great that they are introducing their kids to alternatives such as yoga, Zumba and CrossFit classes, especially if their kids dislike sports. These are all fantastic activities that can be introduced into a school gym class or recess instead of parents paying extra for them.

The rise in hired personal trainers only further shows how important it is to create balanced lives through school programs. There is an increased interest in child exercise but not everyone can afford to hire trainers for their kids. Schools have the potential to give the children the right tools through proper nutrition education, healthy meals and exercise.

The Organic School Project’s GROW TEACH FEED programs are examples of pre-emptive approaches that can accomplish a balanced lifestyle. Connecting children to proper nutrition and exercise through holistic wellness programming at an early age can help parents avoid spending money on a gym trainer out of desperation.

Hiring a personal trainer requires an appalling amount of money. For kids that young, the same activity can be done at school or through regular playtime activity. The money that would be spent on a personal trainer could then be put towards feeding their children better food. Parents choose what their young children eat and can control levels of obesity through that medium.

read the Chicago Tribune article at,0,94141.story

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