Thursday, August 5, 2010

Response to “Senate’s Important Lunch Date”

By: Greg Christian

After reading an article by Richard Lugar in the NYtimes “The Senate’s Important Lunch Date”, I had to comment.

Lugar talks about reauthorizing the federal child nutrition programs—and how important this is.

I have witnessed a similar consensus in Chicago, and I am in agreement, it is important!

However, what they are proposing is essentially a 6 cent increase in the amount spent on children’s lunch, and this is not sufficient funding.

The program would also be expanded to include more people in need,

but nowhere in the article does he take responsibility for the quality of food being served in the future.

He ensures, “This bill… is as close to a moment of consensus as can be achieved.”

But the lack of political will here is obvious—‘settling’ on our future generation’s food is something I struggle with supporting.

‘Baby steps’ is the common phrase in ‘moving a system’, but the process of improving school food needs much more than baby steps to make a difference in the health of our kids.

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